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ASHRAE Hamilton Chapter, September Webinar Meeting, HVAC Building Pressurization Systems – Lessons Learned
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Webinar
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Tuesday, September 15th, 2020
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HVAC Building Pressurization Systems - Lessons Learned


A recent audit of 35 existing buildings that have known pressurization issues including:


  • Over pressure in buildings often due to too much make-up air.
  • Under pressure in buildings due to leaks, inadequate HVAC, poor construction, and on-site modifications.
  • Improper HVAC economizer operation.
  • Poorly controlled, designed, and/or constructed relief systems.
  • Commissioning and operation issues.


Pressurization is critical for maintaining room cleanliness in Labs, Hospitals, Processing, Manufacturing, Control, Computer, MCC, VFD, and Electrical Buildings, etc.


Design margins should be incorporated in the pressurization system to allow for building envelope seal degradation.


When pressurization is required for safety or code compliance, make provisions for periodic surveillance and testing.


Critical facilities require a leak test of exterior and interior walls, partitions, doors, and windows between two adjacent areas with different pressurization levels and any building elements between two areas with different pressurization levels.




Erich Binder, EBCL

Distinguished Lecturer


Erich Binder is an independent engineering consultant with extensive experience in the sustainable design of Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, and Cold Climate Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Plumbing, Fire Suppression & Specialty Mechanical Systems engineering. Erich is also a Certified Risk Manager with over 20 years of Process Safety, Loss Prevention, Industrial Hygiene, Health & Safety Engineering and Auditing experience, Corporate Emergency Response and Mergers and Acquisitions. Activities, education, and certifications include:


  • Registered Engineering Technologist (RET), Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists (ASET)
  • Air Conditioning Engineering Technology Diploma, Southern Alberta Polytechnic (SAIT)
  • Registered Instructor, SAIT Polytechnic
  • Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Risk Insurance Management Society (RIMS)
  • Refrigeration Service Engineers Society Certificate, HVAC and Building Automation Controls
  • Decision & Risk Analysis & Value Engineering Certification


Erich has extensive experience engineering mechanical systems for a variety of cold climate applications. These include Oil & Gas projects developing HVAC standards and engineering for numerous process facilities for Oil Sands, SAGD and Mining Projects, Gas Processing, Metering Compression and Pipeline facilities, Upstream, Mid Stream, and Down Stream Facilities. Erich Binder has engineered HVAC systems for various support facilities for various Industrial projects including Control Buildings, E-House, VFD and Data Storage Facilities, Maintenance, Storage, and Emergency Response Facilities. He has extensive experience in Power Generation facilities, including Coal, Natural Gas, Waste Heat, Waste Wood, Run of the River and Combined Heat and Power systems. Erich specializes in hazardous spaces and environments, Laboratories, Sampling Stations, Dust, Mist and Fume collection systems, and Industrial Hygiene facilities. Erich Binder has worked as a Risk Analyst & Loss Prevention Consultant providing input into corporate insurance placement, managed boiler machinery, construction project losses, and claims and loss prevention issues. He has provided support to insurance brokers and insurance company representatives to review and investigate the cause of failures relating to Power, Natural Gas Mid-Stream, Compression, Metering and Pipeline machinery and fire explosion related failures. Erich coordinated Risk and Loss Prevention Audits and Inspections for all corporate facilities. He is a key member of corporate Emergency Response Teams and a key leader in Responsible Care, ISO9000, and Mergers and Acquistions programs. Erich Binder is:


  • Society Director at Large - ASHRAE
  • Past Society Director and Regional Chair - ASHRAE Region XI
  • Chairman - ASHRAE Cold Climate Design Conference
  • Co-Author - ASHRAE Cold Climate Building Design Guide
  • Co-Author - ASHRAE Hazardous Spaces Design Guide (Publication Pending)
  • Author - Industrial HVAC Design Guide – Basics of Industrial HVAC - 101
  • Past Coordinator - ASHRAE
  • Distinguished Lecturer Program
  • Past Chairman - HVAC Advisory Committee (SAIT)
  • Co-developer - 2 month HVAC Certificate Program (SAIT)
  • Instructor - Part Time HVAC related topics (SAIT)
  • Board EXO - Young Engineers in ASHRAE Committee
  • Board EXO - ASHRAE Student Activities Committee
  • Board EXO - ASHRAE Members Council Vice Chairman, ASHRAE Development Committee
  • Chairman - ASHRAE Audit Committee Member: ASHRAE TC 5.8 Industrial
  • Ventilation (Combined with TC 9.2) Member: ASHRAE TC 9.2 Industrial Air Conditioning
  • Chairman - ASHRAE TRG9 – CCBDG – Cold Climate Building Design Guide
  • Member - ASHRAE MTG-ACR – Air Change Rate
  • Chairman - Chelonian Loss Prevention Engineering Seminar
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